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Combination SNCB-TEC

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TEC bus
The best solution if you're combining travel by rail with using TEC for a specific journey or in the city area of a specific town .
Journey Railcard or Network Railcard + bus journey

You can combine your Journey Railcard or Network Railcard with a TEC bus journey
(maximum 2 bus journeys with one Railcard). So you only need one ticket to cover all your journeys.

Once we know the real bus distance (notified by TEC), we can tell you the price of your Railcard. In fact, the distance of the bus journey will be added to your train journey when calculating your Railcard, and the sum of the two distances will always have a ceiling of 200 km. You will need to wait 4 days to receive your Railcard.

If your bus ride is within the urban network of Charleroi, Liège or Verviers, a Railcard with TEC urban network will be issued.

School  Railcard + bus journey

You can combine your School Railcard with a TEC bus journey (maximum 2 bus journeys with one railcard). Thus a single travel card covers all your journeys. The price of this railcard is the addition of the TEC fare to the price of your School Railcard. Your School Railcard entitles to an 80% discount on the price of a Journey Railcard. The maximum distance charged is 150 km per rail journey. The TEC journey entitles to a 20% discount on the TEC season ticket. Applications for this Railcard are subject to a 4-day waiting period.

Extra benefit: The TEC journey is delimited in TEC zones, so that you may get on or off the bus at any stop in those zones. This railcard is also valid as a freepass on the TEC network on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

If your bus journey is within the city areas of Charleroi, Liège or Verviers, you will automatically receive a Railcard + TEC city network.

Train + urban network
You can also combine your Railcard (Journey Railcard, Network Railcard or School  Railcard) with a TEC city area on condition that your station of departure or arrival can be combined with a TEC city area of the town in question. The extent of the TEC city area is sometimes different from that of the conurbation of an SNCB zone.

A STIB fixed fee is added to the Railcard price. This Railcard is available immediately from the ticket office.

Calculate the price of your Railcard for yourself. Don't forget to add the TEC fee to find out the total cost of your Railcard.

Check out the list of departure and arrival stations for which a Railcard + TEC city area can be issued.

Other information

Further information on our Railcards.

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